Intercâmbio Juvenil – Montecatini, Tuscany, Italy | 02 – 09 Novembro de 2014

The training is going to take place in Montecatini (Tuscany), Italy and it is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme. 49 participants, from 7 countries can take part in this event in order to empower themselves with entrepreneurs qualifications and creativity skills.

This Youth Exchange, to be held in Montecatini between the 2nd and the 9th of November 2014, will bring together motivated volunteers, members of organizations that work with non-formal education or other interested in this subject on personal and professional level.

As far as there are many changes in economy, the economic recession and other issues related to the structure of job and labour markets to education, nowadays the youth unemployment is still increasing. There are many of structural differences among countries within EU in young people’s participation in the labour market. Youth unemployment rates are generally much higher than unemployment rates for all ages. Besides these big issues each of unemployed youngster are losing their self-confidence as well as they are confronted to unpleasant situation in front of their families, relatives, friends. Problems of youth unemployment affect more than youth, youth unemployment also has a major impact on society as a whole and the economy. Considering above-mentioned example, we can observe that this issue is getting bigger, that is why we want to promote and increase the need of entrepreneurship spirit among youngsters and enhance them to create their entrepreneurial projects. We want to contribute to the future Europe by making strong efforts to reduce youth unemployment and to promote young people’s participation in the labour market.
We will bring together 49 young people from 7 different countries. According to all statistics we have focused on countries with the highest unemployment rate such as Greece, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria, where the rates reach even 56 % of youth unemployment. It is crucial to empower youth’s entrepreneurial qualification, and the best way is to use simulation games.

Objectives of the Youth Exchange:
· To provide a broader perspective on unemployment among young people coming from participating countries;
· To empower youth with entrepreneurs qualifications and creativity skills;
· To provide an opportunity to meet peers from different cultural backgrounds and stimulate mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue between them;
· To provide participants with the skills necessary to design and implement simulation games as a tool to fight youth unemployment.

Projecto You Move ? Youth Move !
Tipo Intercâmbio Juvenil
Localização Tuscany , Italy
Organização Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo”
Datas 2 a 9 de Novembro 2014
Idade 18 aos 25
Nº Vagas 7

Vídeo “Disable the Label” , Žilina, Eslováquia

Disable the label foi um intercâmbio Europeu organizado pela associação Nadácia Krajina harmónie na cidade de Žilina, no norte da Eslováquia, sendo o primeiro a contar com a participação de jovens do projecto Porto de Partida.

O intercâmbio, que recebeu jovens de seis diferentes países europeus, culminou com um festival na cidade e uma apresentação de uma peça de teatro, resultante dos workshops de teatro, dança e música, que aconteceram ao longo do projecto.

Abaixo podem ver um vídeo sobre o intercâmbio e o festival.

Vídeo Porto de Partida – Assinatura de Protocolo

Na passada sexta feira, dia 10 de Julho foi assinado nos Paços do Concelho da cidade do Porto, um protocolo de cooperação com a Connect ART. O projecto chama-se “Porto de Partida” e esperamos proporcionar aos jovens em desvantagem social a oportunidade de participarem em intercâmbios europeus, envolvendo para o efeito, instituições de acolhimento, escolas e associações da cidade.

Fica o registo publicado no canal da CMP.

Intercâmbio Juvenil – Žilina, Eslováquia | 28 de Agosto a 6 de Setembro 2014

Disable the label é um intercâmbio Europeu organizado pela associação Nadácia Krajina harmónie na Eslováquia.

Este intercâmbio irá acontecer entre 28 de Agosto e 6 de Setembro em Žilina, uma cidade do norte da Eslováquia.

“Disable the label“ is a youth exchange that will take place in our hometown Žilina. 24 young participants with and without disabilities from Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, Slovakia and Czech Republic will meet together. The exchange will last for eight days, time in which they will have the opportunity to explore their role and place in the local community (free time, work, school,…) and to share ways of creating the ” Disable the label” experience in their community. We will work on the topic of Inclusion in different workshops – art, theatre, music and we will use a lot of interactive methods in a context of non-formal education. Non-formal education methods allow the participants to share different ways of how to become a part of the community and how to be respected by others. We aim to promote the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, as well as foster and strengthen positive feelings such as solidarity, respect and interest in differences and cultural diversity, cooperation, and active participation. We will also organize outdoor activities to build up the team spirit and improve the team work. The aim of this project is to show everybody, including people with disabilities, that if we try we can create “Disable the label” in our communities.

Projecto Disable the label
Tipo Intercâmbio Juvenil
Localização Žilina, Eslováquia
Organização Nadácia Krajina Harmónie
Datas 28 de Agosto a 6 de Setembro 2013
Idade 18 aos 25
Nº Vagas 5

Curso de Formação – Porto, Portugal | 2 a 10 de Novembro 2013

The project to be held in Porto, Portugal, is funded by the Youth in Action Programme and will bring together young people from 10 different countries to explore and discuss issues related to religious stereotypes and analyze the diverse manners how the related subjects are treated in our countries and in the European space in general.

A ConnectART – Associação Cultural Juvenil está a organizar o seu segundo projecto na cidade do Porto. O projecto UnReSt : Unveiling Religious Stereotypes, financiado pelo programa Juventude em Ação irá receber cerca de 34 participantes de 10 países diferentes.

Mais info: “Recently, we assisted to a series of events clearly displaying great social unrest derived from religious intolerance and/or alarming discrimination. One of the most polemical is the latest video that ridicules the prophet, Mohammad. Moreover, in the last decade we followed the reactions to the attacks of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an upsetting escalade of terrorism (Bali, Casablanca, Jakarta,Istanbul, Madrid, London, Mumbai…), the Danish “cartoons affair”, the inter-religious disputes in the Balkans or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, intra-religious struggles like the ones in Ireland and in Iraq, or even events of civil disorder in France and the UK.

“UnReSt: Unveiling Religious Stereotypes” is a project that intends to raise awareness to the existence of negative religious stereotypes and, subsequently, focus on promoting interfaith dialogue. Therefore, we will analyse some of the causes behind religious conflicts, addressing threats to peace, security and social cohesion and thus try to prevent the negative impact of religious discrimination. The coordinator of the project is ConnectART, a youth association from Portugal which will host a Training Course in Porto with 34 young people from 10 countries from the European Union and neighbouring partner countries, representing various religions.”


Intercâmbio Juvenil – Melnik, Bulgaria | 21 a 29 de Outubro 2013

The programme of the exchange that is going to take place in the South – Eastern part of Bulgaria, in the town of Melnik, between the 21 and 29 October 2013 is focused on the problem of youth unemployment and its possible solution through active citizenship and European citizenship in particular.

The main aim of the youth exchange “Ideas and Work for Better Future” is the discussion among young people about the problems related to youth unemployment and European citizenship – the fact that they belong to united Europe, and the opportunities that it offers. Through nonformal education, participation in volunteer activities, as well as using the liberties of circulation in the European Union, young people are able to improve their competences and skills, and thus to find a better way to develop personally and professionally. During the project, we will focus on important European issues that require the attention of youth and the active involvement of young people: European citizenship, youth unemployment, participation of youth in civic life, intercultural dialogue, etc. The participants will exchange ideas and good practices, they will meet representatives of local youth, local NGOs, the local business, etc. The participants in the project are going to be 28 young people between 18 and 25 years old who are interested in the topic of the project and are motivated to work together in order to promote the idea that united Europe offers unique opportunities to young people, which contribute in the process of finding solutions for youth unemployment.

In order to meet the objectives of the project we are going to use non-formal educational methods, such as “learning by doing”, discussions, team-building and ice-breaking games, role games, artistic and creative workshops. Through these activities the participants will receive more information about the issues we are focusing on, they will develop their competences for analytical and critical thinking, they will learn how to solve problems in an on-conflict way, how to work in a team, be creative and develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. In an atmosphere that is beneficial for the creative approach to the specific topics, the participants will be encouraged to exchange their experiences, information, opinions, to develop their own attitude towards a number of issues, related to the responsibility for the personal actions, to the realization of a positive social change, to the tolerance, the understanding and appreciation of the cultural variety. They will develop a sense of empathy and solidarity to the others.

The participants in the project will establish contact and communicate with local organizations and people during the activities, e.g. the Mountain Rescue Service – one of the oldest volunteering NGOs in Bulgaria. Along with the every-day activities, the participants will have the opportunity to see and get to know different aspects of Bulgarian culture – the atmosphere, history and traditions of the picturesque Bulgarian town Melnik and its surroundings, Rozhen Monastery, the multicultural environment of the Gotze Delchev region (Dobrinishte) and its unique nature (Gotze Delchev hut, Bezbog peak, etc.).

Projecto “Ideas and Work for Better Future”
Tipo Intercâmbio Juvenil
Localização Melnik, Bulgaria
Organização Professional Forum for Education
Datas 21 – 29 Outubro 2013
Idade 18 aos 25
Nº Vagas 6 +1 Group Leader
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Curso de Formação – Barcelona, Espanha | 25 a 31 de Agosto 2013

Explore with participants how identity is built, and how culture is involved in this process. Welcome to the Let’s talk – Vakeras amen! training on promoting intercultural dialogue among young people.

The training will take place in El Prat Del Llobregat in Spain, approximately 10kms from Barcelona. The training will take place from Monday 26 August to Friday 30 August. Participants will be expected to arrive on Sunday 25 August and depart on Saturday 31 August.
This five-day course is designed to motivate you and give you some ideas and tools on how promoting intercultural dialogue in your communities. The event will be a chance for all of you to learn about yourself, your relations with others and to reflect on how to overcome the barriers in the relation with diverse youth.

You will find in this pack some practical information regarding your stay in Spain. Please take the time to read it carefully and feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you all very shortly.

Projecto Let’s talk – Vakeras amen!
Tipo Curso de Formação
Localização Barcelona, Espanha
Organização Rromane Siklǒvne
Datas 25 a 31 de Agosto
Idade Acima de 18
Nº Vagas 3
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