PBA – Bucarest, Roménia 3 a 9 Março 2013

“Europe faces a number of challenges that can only be met if it has innovative,
well-educated, and entrepreneurial citizens who, whatever their walk of life, have the
spirit and inquisitiveness to think in new ways, and the courage to meet and adapt to the challenges facing them” (European Commission)

So, “Creative Construction: A (G8)way 2 Entrepreneurship Education” is a Partnership-Building Activity to be realized in Romania under the framework of the Action 3.1 of the Youth in Action Programme.

It will gather together leaders of 16 organizations coming from 8 European countries who will thus have the chance to explore different sub-themes related to the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and, remarkably, entrepreneurship education. Hence, it will serve as a platform to establish new partnerships and start developing new common projects.

Furthermore, it will be an opportunity to share and discover best practices in this field and, likewise, to discover diverse European policies and strategies to promote entrepreneurship as well as different funding opportunities.

Throughout the PBA we will use a variety of non-formal education methods including open debates, different workshops, interactive sessions, group work, roleplaying and others.

Projecto “Creative Construction: A (G8)way 2 Entrepreneurship Education”
Tipo PBA
Localização Bucareste, Roménia
Organização TDM 2000 International
Datas 3 a 9 Março 2013
Idade Acima de 18
Nº Vagas 3

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