Intercâmbio Juvenil – Montecatini, Tuscany, Italy | 02 – 09 Novembro de 2014

The training is going to take place in Montecatini (Tuscany), Italy and it is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme. 49 participants, from 7 countries can take part in this event in order to empower themselves with entrepreneurs qualifications and creativity skills.

This Youth Exchange, to be held in Montecatini between the 2nd and the 9th of November 2014, will bring together motivated volunteers, members of organizations that work with non-formal education or other interested in this subject on personal and professional level.

As far as there are many changes in economy, the economic recession and other issues related to the structure of job and labour markets to education, nowadays the youth unemployment is still increasing. There are many of structural differences among countries within EU in young people’s participation in the labour market. Youth unemployment rates are generally much higher than unemployment rates for all ages. Besides these big issues each of unemployed youngster are losing their self-confidence as well as they are confronted to unpleasant situation in front of their families, relatives, friends. Problems of youth unemployment affect more than youth, youth unemployment also has a major impact on society as a whole and the economy. Considering above-mentioned example, we can observe that this issue is getting bigger, that is why we want to promote and increase the need of entrepreneurship spirit among youngsters and enhance them to create their entrepreneurial projects. We want to contribute to the future Europe by making strong efforts to reduce youth unemployment and to promote young people’s participation in the labour market.
We will bring together 49 young people from 7 different countries. According to all statistics we have focused on countries with the highest unemployment rate such as Greece, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria, where the rates reach even 56 % of youth unemployment. It is crucial to empower youth’s entrepreneurial qualification, and the best way is to use simulation games.

Objectives of the Youth Exchange:
· To provide a broader perspective on unemployment among young people coming from participating countries;
· To empower youth with entrepreneurs qualifications and creativity skills;
· To provide an opportunity to meet peers from different cultural backgrounds and stimulate mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue between them;
· To provide participants with the skills necessary to design and implement simulation games as a tool to fight youth unemployment.

Projecto You Move ? Youth Move !
Tipo Intercâmbio Juvenil
Localização Tuscany , Italy
Organização Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo”
Datas 2 a 9 de Novembro 2014
Idade 18 aos 25
Nº Vagas 7