Interâmbio Juvenil – Žilina, Eslováquia | 29 de Agosto a 7 de Setembro 2013

We Are All Inclusion é um intercâmbio Europeu organizado pela associação Nadácia Krajina harmónie na Eslováquia.

Este intercâmbio irá acontecer entre 29 de Agosto e 7 de Setembro em Žilina, uma cidade do norte da Eslováquia.

“We are all in (clusion)!“ is a youth exchange that will take place in our hometown Žilina. 24 young participants with and without disabilities from Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, Slovakia and Czech Republic will meet together. The exchange will last for eight days, time in which they will have the opportunity to explore their role and place in local community (free time, work, school,…) and to share ways of creating the ” We are all in (clusion)” experience in their community. We will work on the topic of Inclusion in different workshops – art, theatre, music and we will use a lot of interactive methods in a context of non-formal education. Non-formal education methods allow the participants to share different ways of how to become a part of the community and how to be respected by others. We aim to promote the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, as well as foster and strengthen positive feelings such as solidarity, respect and interest in differences and cultural diversity, cooperation, and active participation. We will also organize outdoor activities to build up the team spirit and improve the teamwork. The aim of this project is to show everybody, including people with disabilities, that if we try we can create “We are all in(clusion)!” in our communities.

Projecto “We are all Inclusion”
Tipo Intercâmbio Juvenil
Localização Žilina, Eslováquia
Organização Nadácia Krajina Harmónie
Datas 29 de Agosto a 7 de Setembro 2013
Idade 18 aos 25
Nº Vagas 5