Curso de Formação – Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina 2 a 9 Abril 2013

“Minority Rights Education for Children” will be a training course set to empower the work of organizations both working with children on education for Minority Rights and promoting the specific rights of children with a minority background.

The main aim is to be able to give to the participants useful tools to go towards the involvement of minorities, and the mutual dialogue between them and the hosting societies, starting from children, the active citizens of tomorrow. In the 6 days of the course,staying together in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina, the 30 participants, half from EU and half from South Eastern Europe, will have the opportunity to share not only experiences and best practices but also to discuss about obstacles and ideas on how to improve the social inclusion of children coming from different minorities, and how to educate them on how to foster it.

During the course, we will cover topics such as the concept of minority itself, what institutions are dealing with them, and what is the role of NGOs in this field, especially understanding different tools for minority rights education for children. The main issue will be for sure to provide to the participant’s such tools that can be useful in making children aware of the importance of the involvement of people from such different social backgrounds, make them major agents of change in this process, and improve so the mutual dialogue between majorities and minorities. The main methodology used in the training will be non-formal education, completed by some theoretical inputs on certain parts.
The methods will include group discussions, roundtables, roleplays, simulations, and different dynamic activities stimulating creativity and active participation.

Projecto “Minority Rights Education for Children”
Tipo Curso de Formação
Localização Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina
Organização LDA Mostar
Datas 2 a 9 Abril 2013
Idade Acima de 18
Nº Vagas 3